A sport based fighting game!

The VSN Game is played by six Flying Legends, that forming two teams, challenge in a ruthless and bizarre fight to score goals 🤾‍♂️


The rule: none

It’s ruthless and frenetic – the Legends will use any tool to score that goal. Any cheat is allowed.
🔖 Until you catch the chicken, you don’t have the chicken.

Each match lasts 5 minutes, but three score difference let the team win the game immediately the Perfect Win. 🏆

The Flying Legends

The VSN Game is the top most league that only Flying Legends can play. Being extraordinary is not enough to become a Legend, nor survive a single VSN match.
🔖 Each legend is tough




Turned pro





90 kg


188 cm


Grappling hook

Midaas is strong with a remarkable dexterity, that he developed while exercising with his grappling hook.

He can hook to the ball, to some hook points, and team mates. While hooked he can use the momentum to move quickly, and position himself on the right spot just before striking the ball with a punch.

The grappling hook he is using today is an improved version of the one that his grandma crafted for him after his parents disappeared. He still believes his parents are alive, and his main objective is to find them. He turned pro in 2019 just to stay fit while gathering insights and contacts to help him with his objective.




Turned pro





59 kg


165 cm


Jet Rig

Blain is the smallest player ever turned pro. She gained her popularity pretty fast in the lower leagues thanks to her fantastic ability to drive the jet-rig.

It wasn’t so easy to turn pro, she fought really hard and won what she was dreaming for.

She can fly around the map freely and easily, allowing her to be in the exact position to score a goal or to defend. She can also grab and fly with the ball for a short period; this ability is really useful to turn the opposite team’s attacks into counter attacks; the only downside is that she is really vulnerable while using that ability.




Turned pro





144 kg


170 cm


Gravity manipulator

Varra is a cyborg and their abilities are just impressive. They are able to control the gravity which allows them to be the only one from the old school roster to still be a pro.

We don’t really know where they come from, nor why they joined the games, an air of mystery surrounds them.

With a gravity blast kicks the other players or even the ball to the ground; They are able to accumulate debris to form rocks that shoot to players or the ball; Uses gravity tunnels to move around. They are really good at defending the goal and disrupting the opposing team’s attacks.

🚧 More will come soon 🚧

The VSN Game

The VSN Game is an illegal game organized through social networks, by its creator. 🗺️ The match location is publicly disclosed just one hour before the match. Usually the location is a road, a square; rarely a proper field. For this reason the international police is trying to find the creator’s location to arrest them. 👮‍♀️

🔖 Despite everyone knowing their face, no one really knows where their location is, or if they really exist.

The VSN Game is a really famous sport, and loved by people, despite the chaos that it creates during the matches. A lot of people watch it through streaming platforms 📡, but many would like to watch in real life.

All the Legends are sponsored by big corporations that give them tools, assets, information, legal protection (to prevent them from having trouble), and anything they require.

🔖 The truth is that protection saves the police from having trouble.

Most aspiring legends don’t have such sponsors and so the legal protection; All of them have a bounty, which is usually a sign of how good they are.
🎟️ Popularity, wealth, are consequences of becoming a legend rather than the reasons. The vast majority of aspiring legends fail, give up, or die. Only the one that fights strong and hard for their dreams can become a Legend 😁🤙


Animations & Movements 🏃‍♀️

The gameplay is smooth, all the actions will perfectly chain no matter the execution order and things like the bunny hop are supported by design.

Platforms & Countries 🕹️ 🎮

🌐 USA and Europe
🗣 Voice actors language: English
🖥️ Menu languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish
🔀 Cross-platform multiplayer
🏵️ Competitive ranking

Who we are

Momento Games is an indie studio located in Switzerland 🇨🇭

We love all kinds of games, but deep into our heart we have a special spot for multiplayer & competitive games. As gamers we love to play games like Apex Legends, Dark Souls, Fable, Hades, Rocket League, Overwatch, The Culling, etc… .


We like to support Free Software and we try to use it as much as we can. Most of the tools we create are released under the MIT license, and if a full release is impossible we release parts of it. Here are three software we have released under the MIT license:

We have directly contributed to some open source projects too, like Godot Engine, Amethyst game engine, Bullet Physics, and more.


As programming language for our games we mainly use C++ but worth to mention that we love other languages like: Zig, Rust.

To create the 3D models we are using Blender, while the painting is done using Substance Painter. To manipulate images we use Gimp.

From time to time we also create videos, and our video editing tool is the amazing KDELive.

To create Flying Legends we are using Unreal Engine 4.

Chat with us 🗨️💭

If you want to chat with us, or stay tuned with Flying Legends updates, visit our discord channel.